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Christmas Abbott

Hey there! It’s me, Christmas Abbott: Big Brother 2017 finalist, Olympic weightlifter, fitness coach, author and motivational speaker.

For me, fitness has been truly life-changing. You might not believe it, but I struggled a lot to get where I am today, physically and mentally. I’ve struggled with feelings of depression, and in the past that led me to neglect my health. 

But when I made the choice to commit to my own physical and mental health, it allowed me to become the strong, confident woman I am today. Sure, it was hard work - it took me a long time to get to where I am now. But I can honestly say that fitness saved my life. Not just because I’m physically healthier - it gave me the discipline, focus and mental strength to do something truly worthwhile. 

Committing to your own health and fitness isn't about individual workouts or training routines - it's a lifelong change in your lifestyle and attitudes. I've seen my methods help people make sustainable, positive changes to their mindset and their physical fitness time and time again. That's why I want to share them as widely as possible! 

So now, I'm offering you the chance to join my BBX Master Membership program, start your own transformation, and never look back.
What is the Badass Body X (BBX) movement?
And how can it help YOU?
Do you look in the mirror every morning and wish you felt more confident about your body, but just don’t know where to start?
How many times have you been excited to start a new fitness program, only to give up weeks later when you’re not seeing the results you want?

When you think about the million other things you have to do, does staying on top of a fitness routine feel impossible?
Well, it doesn’t have to be like that any more!

Getting back on track with fitness when you have a busy life and a thousand other commitments might seem difficult...but I promise you, it is possible. 

All you need is the right training system.

One which cuts the B.S., uses your time efficiently, and lets you train in a way that fits around the rest of your schedule. One where you actually enjoy working out, and don't have to drag yourself to the gym!

So, let me introduce you to BBX.

I've developed this approach over my 11-year career as a professional athlete and personal trainer. If I had to sum it up in three words, it's all about doing what works.
The mainstream fitness industry is all about image and marketing. It puts us into cliched categories, and then tells us how we should want to look and what kind of training we should do. As far as I'm concerned, all that does is make people feel bad about themselves and stop them truly enjoying fitness. 
BBX is different! It's about training for the body you want, not the body the media tells you you should have. It's about making a long-term change in your mindset, so you can live a healthy, positive lifestyle for years to come.

When I started my fitness journey, I was at a low point in my life and I really needed a new way of looking at things. I didn't want to train for a 'perfect bikini body' or to look like the pictures on magazine covers - I wanted to transform my mental and physical health, and to achieve something I could feel proud of.

As I learned more about fitness and nutrition, I mixed the best aspects of each approach together to create my own training methods. The BBX system breaks free of the boxes the fitness industry puts us in. It's not limited by traditional marketing categories, or by stereotypes about what kind of workouts are appropriate for a woman. 

All I thought about when I was designing my program was which exercises and training routines will help you make a positive change in your life! I want you to enjoy each and every workout, so that you'll want to carry on training with BBX for years to come, and I make sure that every minute you spend training is getting you maximum results. With all the hard work you put in, that's what you deserve!
Sure, you can lose weight by running on a treadmill for an hour every day...but not as much as you think, because your body will quickly get used to that type of activity and stop responding to it in the same way. And come on - who wants to do that anyway? The secret to burning fat, gaining strength, toning up and improving your performance is to mix up your workouts and constantly challenge yourself. Plus, that's a lot more fun!  

My system includes four types of workout, designed to complement each other and improve every aspect of your fitness and physique. 

Hard As A Mother

High intensity interval training - the best way to burn calories, speed up your metabolism and improve overall fitness

Endure It

Burn calories and improve your endurance - plus clear your head so you feel focused and re-energized


Strength training to build lean muscle, give you gorgeous, toned curves, and make you feel like a total badass


Extra workouts to push yourself even harder and supercharge your progress - you'll learn to love the burn
Each of these places different demands on your body, forcing it to constantly adapt to new challenges. And how does your body adapt when you push it in your workouts? By burning fat for energy, building more lean muscle, and improving your cardiovascular fitness. Sounds good, right?

Plus, with so many different exercises and workouts to try, you'll never get bored! You'll soon find it's a lot easier to motivate yourself to try a fun new workout than to follow the same boring gym routine every day.

Unlike some other online trainers, I understand that what works for professional athletes whose whole lives are just train, eat, sleep, repeat might not work for you. I get that you have busy lives, careers, families, and you can’t spend hours in the gym every day. Real people with real lives need short, intense training sessions which get you maximum results from every minute you spend working out.

And guess what? Studies like this one have shown time and time again that the best way to lose fat and improve your cardiovascular fitness is high intensity interval training. The short, intense workouts in my program aren't just a time-saver - they're actually more effective than anything else you could be doing. What's not to love?

If you struggle to make it to the gym in between a long day at work and rushing home to put the kids to bed, don't worry! Every workout in the BBX system can be done at home with only basic equipment, so you can squeeze in a workout whenever works best for you, with complete flexibility. You can finally fit your training around the rest of your life, without having to compromise on either of them.

And if you need some extra help or a motivation boost, BBX Master Membership includes unlimited access to my:
Badass Body X 90-Day Challenge

This proven three-month program has helped countless clients transform their physical fitness and get into a healthy new mindset, and as a BBX member, you'll be able to follow the whole program whenever you want. 

You'll also get the BBX Master Members' library of over 216 HD exercise and workout videos which you can mix and match however you like. But for when you need more structure and guidance to keep you on track with your training, the 90-day program is the way to go!

With this membership, you'll finally have everything you need to feel great in your body, look like the badass that you are, and keep your motivation up for good.
Here's why people love the BBX system!

Sherry von Boeckmann

"Christmas is an amazing, motivational fitness leader who can give you the body you're looking for. I remember getting my first pull-up after the first month. I cried then! It was such a release, a good feeling and an accomplishment!"

Meghan Ryan

"My journey started in March and I truly feel like a different person now. With Christmas' workouts and nutritional guide, I'm finally seeing some changes in these stubborn glutes & and abs and gaining crazy strength everywhere! Thank you so much Christmas and all the supportive, strong women on this journey with me."

Felicia Owen

"I've lost body fat, gained muscle and found muscles I didn't even know I had. It's been so much fun to learn the new workouts and the recipes are delicious! I would recommend Christmas Abbott's training to anyone!"

Tamzin Ashley

"Christmas' workout plan combined with the incredibly balanced principles of the Badass Body Diet completely transformed my body and mind and allowed me to drop 14lbs, develop an incredible muscle base and still nurse my baby."

Polina Musgrave

"I've become SO much stronger! I now believe I can truly do anything and am so excited to see what the future brings!"

Jillian Taylor

"I have a fire lit under me now - I feel like a new me! The me I've been working very hard to be for a long time, but I just didn't have the right tools until now. I can't wait to keep improving - thank you Christmas!"
What to expect from your BBX Master Membership

All of Christmas' amazing BBX content
Unlimited access to my proven BBX workout programs, the full BBX exercise & workout training library and all future updates

Super-effective HIIT workouts
Learn the most effective workout style there is to burn fat and improve your fitness

A blend of the most effective training methods
Four types of workout which complement each other to supercharge your fat loss and strength gains, for the lean, toned body of your dreams

228+ HD technique 
Full access to a library of over 228 coaching videos where I show you exactly how to do each exercise in my program with perfect form

Get the badass body 
you've always wanted
Feel strong, sexy and powerful, with killer abs, lean legs and toned curves

Mindset and lifestyle training
I'll help you transform your outlook as well as your physical fitness, for a sustainable change which lasts a lifetime

Stay motivated and on track
Progress tracking is built into our platform, plus you get over 87 pages of printable tracking sheets to keep track of your achievements 

Train anywhere, any time
All BBX workouts can be done at home with a few basic pieces of equipment, and you can access the whole program on all your devices whenever you want

Fit training around your busy schedule
With the BBX system, you can get amazing results over the long term with just 20-30 minutes of training per day
And there's more...
BONUS #1: Join the BBX Community
As a BBX Master Member, you'll become part of a global movement of inspiring, badass women. We're always here for each other and never stop pushing each other to do better!
In the private community, you'll be able to get encouragement, advice and inspiration from fellow BBX Master Members. Maybe you can share some of your own tips and tricks!

Plus, my team and I are always in the community looking out for you guys. I love to see how you're getting on!
BONUS #2: Full access to my BBX 90 Day Challenge
The 90 Day Challenge is a proven and highly successful three-month program to get you the flatter stomach, toned booty and lean legs you've been dreaming of!
And as a BBX Master Member, you'll be able to follow the entire program whenever you want, as many times as you want. It's the perfect way to add some structure to your workouts and give your training a boost!
BONUS #3: Brand NEW Q&A sessions
This is an exciting new feature we've just added to the platform, exclusively for BBX Master Members!
You'll get the chance to ask me whatever questions you like about your health and fitness, and I'll answer them individually in special video Q&A sessions. I'll be able to give you more personal and tailored advice than ever before - I think this is really going to help you achieve your goals!

Whatever's been on your mind lately - ask me anything! I can't wait to hear from you.
What are you waiting for?
You could start a fitness journey today which will take you to places you could never have imagined. You'll have more energy and focus in every area of your life. You'll be physically and mentally healthier, now and for years to come. You'll look strong, sexy and powerful, and you'll radiate confidence.

I've seen the BBX system help over 7,741 men and women transform their lives. Would you like to be next?

There's no risk and no commitment. Try it today - and I promise you'll never look back.
So what's stopping you?

Can’t stay motivated?

I know lots of people struggle with motivation to work out. I know from my own experience and my coaching career that getting fit is life-changing and can transform people both physically and mentally - but it’s also hard work! When we all have so many commitments, consistently sticking to a workout routine can be really hard.
But that's why the BBX system is designed to make it easy. With built-in progress tracking, you can hold yourself accountable. You'll want to push yourself harder, and get the satisfaction of seeing your fitness and mental focus constantly improve. 

Plus, the video library includes special motivational videos to help you stay positive and in the right frame of mind.  To train consistently over the long term, you have to see it as a lifestyle, not just a passing fad. That's why I don't just give you exercise instructions, but also mindset lessons to share the outlook that helped me change from a self-destructive teenager with no direction in life into the professional athlete and trainer I am today.

And on top of that, you can become a part of the incredible worldwide Badass Body community. Connecting with these inspiring people all over the world has been one of the most positive parts of my own fitness journey! We share our advice and experiences in the private Facebook group, and we’re here for each and every BBX member night and day with support and encouragement. 

Not enough time?

We’ve all got a lot on our plate, right? I know I have. I'm a professional athlete, TV personality, personal trainer and published author - trust me, I know what being busy is like! And over the course of my career, I've gradually learned how to create a workout program that fits around even the craziest schedule. 
I know you’re busy, so all my workouts are less than 30 minutes long. The BBX program includes a whole range of different workout styles, but my primary focus is on HIIT workouts. Why? Because they're short, simple and get fantastic results

Plus, all the exercises can be done at home with just a few basic pieces of equipment. That means you can fit in a quick workout whenever works best for you, and you won't have to waste time travelling to and from the gym.

And at the end of the day, making time for fitness is worth it. When you improve your health, learn discipline and mental focus, and achieve something you’re proud of, the knock-on effects in other areas of your life might surprise you! If you want to feel strong, sexy, confident and full of energy in all areas of your life...well, you can find half an hour to make that happen!

Not making progress?

There’s nothing worse than starting a new fitness program, giving up your precious time to train, and then not seeing the results you deserve. It's easy to bounce from one program to the next, getting excited each time, then getting frustrated after a few weeks and giving up.
When you've been putting in your time and effort and you’re just not getting anywhere, losing motivation is completely understandable! Especially if you’re training on your own and you don’t know where to turn for advice. It's not because you're not a dedicated, disciplined person - you just need the right guidance.

But as a BBX Master Member, you'll have me here to help you, and all the expertise I’ve built up during my 11-year fitness career at your fingertips! I’ll show you how to do each move in every workout, plus give you helpful tips and motivational videos, and I’ll be here in the BBX secret community to answer your questions.  

With my help, you’ll be able to make faster progress than you ever have before! 
Whatever barriers have stopped you making progress in the past...
This could be the moment you smash through them for good.
What have you got to lose?
What you'll get as a BBX Master Member:
  •  Upgrade to a 100% BBX All-Access Membership - including my proven BBX workout programs, the full BBX exercise & workout training library and all future updates
  •  228+ challenging HD video training lessons to choose from, designed to keep your motivation up and give you the most effective progress  
  •  Over 87 pages of BBX Printable Workout Tracking Sheets to train offline and see your progress every day 
  •  Badass Master Exercise & Workout Library to train wherever you are, improve your fitness level and become stronger
  •  BONUS #1: Join the global BBX community for inspiration and support 
  •  BONUS #2: My full Badass Body X 90 Day Challenge - a proven three-month video training program to get a flatter stomach, toned booty and hot, lean body
  •  NEW BONUS #3: Get your questions answered by me in regular Q&A video sessions
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What will happen if you don't take this opportunity now?

Maybe you’ll never get the strong, toned body you dream about.

You’ll miss out on the pride and satisfaction of challenging yourself and achieving something most people will never be capable of.

You’ll carry on getting older, feeling unhealthier and less confident every year.

Maybe you’ll spend the rest of your life telling yourself you’ll find time to get fit one day, but never quite getting there. We’ve all seen where that ends…

But it’s not too late to make a sustainable, positive change in your life - and there's no better opportunity than this. Act now!
What's so different about the workout and exercise techniques in the BBX system?
It draws on Christmas Abbott’s eleven years of experience as a best-selling author, CrossFit® competitor, gym owner and social media fitness star. You get a proven training system which has already helped over 7,000 people, with brand new workout routines and movement levels. You only have to spend 30 minutes working out, five days a week, to get unbelievable results. You’ll also have a personal progress dashboard which shows you exactly where you are in the challenge and the progress you’ve made towards your goal. AND you’ll get to become part of a global community which supports you and pushes you harder than you could ever push yourself!

What if I decide it's not for me?
No problem at all! You can cancel your membership at any time, no questions asked. And this week only, you can get a one month trial membership for just $1 - so there's no risk and no commitment at all!

Will I be strong enough for Christmas' workouts? Are they suitable for complete beginners?
YES! The members' library includes a huge range of different workouts and exercises, with over 216 video lessons, so there's something suitable for everyone. Lots of the exercises include easier and harder variations, so you can choose one that best suits your skill level. You might not be fit when you start - but you will be when you finish!

Do I need any special equipment?
A lot of the movements only use your bodyweight, so you can do them anywhere without any special equipment! For some of the workouts, we recommend that you have access to a yoga mat, some dumbbells or kettlebells with a weight you feel comfortable with, a bench or sturdy chair, a medicine ball and a jump rope. Some of the warm-ups and stretches also include a resistance band and a roller. But don’t worry - if you’re missing any of this equipment, there are usually alternative moments you can do as a replacement! You also have a huge range of workouts in the library to choose from, so you can just choose ones which don’t require equipment to do at home on the days when you can’t make it to the gym.

Is BBX only for women?
Hell NO! This is for anyone who wants to change for the better. No matter your age, gender or where you are in the world, BBX salutes you for making a positive change in your life!

Is it worth becoming a member if I've already done one of Christmas' BBX Challenges?
For sure! A 30- or 90-day challenge is an awesome way to kickstart a positive change in your life, but it's just the beginning. After everything you've achieved in the challenge, you don't want to start slipping backwards! BBX Master Membership is the perfect way to build on that foundation and turn it into a sustainable long-term lifestyle change. Plus, as a Master Member you get unlimited access to the entire BBX exercise and workout library and all future upgrades. Don't miss out!
Try Now!
Special Offer - Expires Soon
  •  Upgrade to a 100% BBX All-Access Membership - including my proven BBX workout programs, the full BBX exercise & workout training library and all future updates
  •  228+ challenging HD video training lessons to choose from, designed to keep your motivation up and give you the most effective progress  
  •  Over 87 pages of BBX Printable Workout Tracking Sheets to train offline and see your progress every day  
  •  Badass Master Exercise & Workout Library to train wherever you are, improve your fitness level and become stronger 
  •  BONUS #1: Join the global BBX community for inspiration and support  
  •  BONUS #2: My full Badass Body X 90 Day Challenge - a proven three-month video training program to get a flatter stomach, toned booty and hot, lean body
  •  NEW BONUS #3: Get your questions answered by me in regular Q&A video sessions
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